Steam Therapy HYZ-IIF

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Steam Therapy HYZ-IIF

Model Number: HYZ-IIF

Certificate: ISO13485

Function: Reduce Pain

Dimensions(mm): 2010mm*720mm*1070mm

Service: ODM & OEM service

Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz

Instrument Classification: Class I
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The model of HYZ-IIF Steam Therapy Device adopts traditional Chinese medicine vaporization device, through digital intelligent control constant temperature/computer temperature control, so that traditional Chinese medicine liquid can produce traditional Chinese medicine steam. During the fumigation treatment, the pores of the whole body can be opened and the capillary network can be opened through steam hot compress. In the steam environment, the evils in the human body go out, and the drug ions effectively penetrate the diseased parts and meridian lesion areas, and the drug effect reaches the focus directly. It has a good effect on improving microcirculation, loosening bones, relieving pain and activating joints. This machine integrates various functions such as traditional Chinese medicine medical treatment, hyperthermia, and steam therapy, and integrates heat, medicine, and humidity into one body, making it of high promotion and application value.


Main Structure

This product is composed of main body, fumigation cabin, steam generator and control part.


Scope of Application

Suitable for partial fumigation, half body fumigation and whole body fumigation.



1. Patients with severe hypertension, heart disease, acute cerebrovascular accident, acute and chronic cardiac insufficiency, severe anemia, arteriosclerosis, etc. are prohibited;

2. People with high fever, tuberculosis, massive blood loss, mental illness, certain infectious diseases (such as hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.) are prohibited;

3. Those with broken skin or skin bleeding tendency, those with cardiovascular

disease compensatory dysfunction, those who are too old or have a particularly weak constitution are contraindicated;

4. People with glaucoma and severe liver and kidney diseases are forbidden;

5. Within half an hour before and after meals, hunger, fatigue;

6. It is forbidden for women to be pregnant and menstruating;

7. Those who are allergic to drugs are prohibited;

8. Patients with moderate diabetes or above, those with no sense of nerves in body parts, and those with hemiplegic limbs without feeling are prohibited;

9. Those whose body temperature exceeds 38 degrees, those who react slowly or have no feeling in parts of the body should use it under the supervision of a doctor.

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