Steam Therapy HYZ-IIH

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Steam Therapy HYZ-IIH

Model Number: HYZ-IIH

Certificate: ISO 13485

Function: Pain relief, heat therapy, TCM therapy

Dimensions(mm): 2250mm*750mm*1050mm

Voltage: 220V/50 Hz

Material: Acrylic

Instrument Classification: Class II
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Product Introduction and Principle

Chinese herbal medical fumigation can achieve the treatment application by the double acting of physical warm and traditional Chinese medicine absorption. Under the action of fumigation, whole body pores will open and perspire. Thus, on the one hand, it can excrete metabolites and harmful substances in the body; on the other hand, it can make effective medical ingredients enter human body by opening pores, so as to achieve the effect of blood stasis, warm channel and expelling cold, wind expelling and dampness elimination, and anti-inflammation and pain killing. Directly using medicine on the lesion site can avoid the poisonous side effect made by internal medicine on human body.

Product Parameter

Model number HYZ-IIH
Power supply AC voltage 220V 50Hz
Rated power input 3500W
Steam temperature 0 ~ 99 ℃ adjustable (60 ~ 99 ℃ is the temperature for decoction)
Time 0 ~ 99min adjustable
Chinese medicine atomization amount > 40ml / h
Single zone maximum dosage 8L

Product Advantage

* Three temperature zones can be independently used and also can be used at the same time. Two random temperature zones can be used in combination. It can do local fumigation such as neck, shoulder, spine, lower limbs and other parts and also can do whole body fumigation except head;

* According to ergonomic principles and airflow principle, it designs curved cervical special fumigation pillow. When it conducts fumigation, it does not cover the hole of fumigation in order to ensure the effect of cervical fumigation;

* In the third temperature zone, it can independently control and regulate. When it uses the third temperature zone to fumigate, it can set different temperatures in accordance with different temperature bearing in different fumigation part, so as to make more comfortable and effective fumigation;

*Fiberglass bed uses a mold forming and it is solid, acid and alkali corrosion resistance;

*Use stainless steel heater whose surface has special coating and characterized by high thermal efficiency and energy saving;

*Atomization of traditional Chinese medicine liquid function makes the medicine carrying ability of steam greatly increased, as well as truly and fully uses the fumigation therapeutic effect of stability, medicine, temperature and Chinese medicine ionizing treatment;

*With automatic water feeding and water level automatic control functions.

*Equipped with ozone sterilization function.

*Imported food level glass steel is whole fumigation cover;

*Equipped with steam condensate recovery device;

*Equipped with removable acrylic mattresses and leather mattresses;

*Equipped with automatic leakage protection, dry heating prevention, alarm, timing, constant temperature and other functions;

*Independent console, safe and reliable mechanical and electrical separation design;


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