EMG Biofeedback Stimulation System XY-K-JDSW-II

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EMG Biofeedback Stimulation System XY-K-JDSW-II

Modle Number: XY-K-JDSW-II

Service: ODM & OEM service

Application: Rehab Center & Hospital & Home

Display Mode: 24-inch computer display

Output Channel: Four channels

Sampling Frequency: 16k SPS

After-sale Service: Onsite training
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Acquisition, analysis and biofeedback training of the patient's body surface or pelvic floor muscle electrical signals, and applying electrical stimulation to the patient's muscles to help restore the patient's body surface or pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.


Software Performance

1. General functions

1.1 Myoelectric biofeedback training system (urinary anorectal) version set: rapid screening, standard screening, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, myoelectric trigger electrical stimulation, kegel training, multimedia biofeedback, mirror stimulation in one, focusing on urological anorectal product;

1.2 The four channels are independent of each other and can support multiple people to treat at the same time;

1.3 Reserved data interface, supports HIS system docking, and can be synchronized with hospital patient information, plans, and reports;

1.4 Provides the function of combination plan, multiple plans can preset the treatment sequence, without intervention in the middle, reducing the doctor's workload.

2. Pelvic floor module

2.1 Treatment prescription: 17 commonly used programs in urology and anorectal department, such as anorectal surgery and perianal muscle relaxation;

2.2 It has rapid screening (screening time is only 57 seconds), standard screening (screening time is 3 minutes), and can issue detailed reports. The report includes the previous resting average value, variability, maximum rapid contraction, 

relaxation time, continuous Contraction mean, variability, relaxation time, and post-rest mean, variability. Contains EMG trend graphs throughout the screening assessment cycle. Contains references for report interpretation;

2.3 The built-in pelvic floor multimedia biofeedback game training module focuses on the training of pelvic floor muscle strength, endurance, and relaxation respectively. Powerful and easy to use;

2.4 Abdominal muscle participation detection, to help detect the degree of participation of the rectus abdominis during pelvic floor muscle training, and correct wrong actions during pelvic floor muscle training.

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