Multifunctional Nursing Bed XY-ZY-I

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Multifunctional Nursing Bed XY-ZY-I

Product name: Electric Nursing Bed

Model Number: XY-ZY-I

Brand Name: Xiangyu

Certificate: ISO13485

Feature: Electric control

Bed Size: 2080mm*1040mm

Usage: Patient used bed
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The intelligent multi-functional transfer bed includes a bed body part and a wheelchair part, which can realize the combination and separation of the bed body part and the wheelchair part. In the combined state, the bed body part and the wheelchair part canbe taken as a whole, with a certain nursing function, which can realize the adjustment of the patient's posture, such as lying posture, back lifting and leg bending. In the detached state, the patient can be translated from the body of the bed to the wheelchair by the medical staff. At this time, the wheelchair is flattened and the patient can lie down on it. When the patient needs to be moved, the wheelchair can be retracted so that the patient is in a sitting position. Free transfer of patients can be achieved by combination or separation.

1. Remote control operation, quick separation of bed and chair.
2. Easily push the wheelchair out for convenient nursing.
3. The separation of bed and chair can be realized by breaking away from the concept of making ordinary nursing bed.
4. Get rid of the boredom caused by long-term bed rest in traditional nursing beds.

Scope of Application
1. ApplieD to can't get out of bed or inconvenience of bed of patients or old man, offer them recuperation and treatment, travel and daily life must be intensive care services, improve the level of care, improve patient quality of life, especially suitable for families, communities, health care, nursing homes, VIP (high-end) ward, and intensive use of geriatric hospital.
2. It is suitable for people with temporary mobility problems, such as those with temporary mobility problems caused by surgery,trauma and other reasons.

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