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Finger Cpm

Finger Cpm

1. Product introduction Technique in which a joint, usually the knee, is moved constantly through a variable range of motion to prevent stiffness and to increase the range of motion; most often accomplished using a motorized device specifically designed also relieve pain after surgery or injury...

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Product Details

1. Product parameter

Model number

XY-CPM-IB(for finger)

Power supply

220V, 50Hz

Power consumption


The range of joint angle activity


The range of joint angle change speed


2.Product advantage

(1) Joint axis exercise mode, the length of finger clamping bars can be adjusted naturally, fix the fingers firmly;

(2) The fixed bar can be changed easily, operated conveniently;

(3) Microcomputer control, automatic overload reverse protection

(4) Large LCD screen displays all the digits.

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