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Infrared Light Therapy Device

Product introduction Infrared therapy device makes use of light to act on the painful location of human body, and makes use of the good light energy absorption of the tissue to stimulate and regulate the human body, which can reach the deep tissue, improve the blood and lymphatic system...

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Product Details


a) Anti-inflammation: it can activate or induce T- and B- lymphocytes and macrophages to generate cytokines, activate the general immune system by lymphocyte re-circulation, strengthen the phagocytic capacity of macrophages and improve the immunity;

b) Improvement of blood circulation: it can improve the blood circulation of local tissue, accelerate the blood flow, promote the analgesic substance metabolism, and relieve the pain;

c) Generation of analgesic substance: it can enhance the brain peptide metabolism to accelerate the release of morphine-like substances in the brain, thus relieving the pain;

d) Inhibition of nervous system conduction: it can inhibit the peripheral nerve impulse, conduction velocity, intensity and frequency caused by the pain stimulation;


Product parameter

Rated power input


Output mode

One channel spherical radiator output

Output wave length


Radiator diameter


Output power

3-25gears adjustable

Working time

0-99min adjustable

Control mode



Product feature:

● Famous-brand light source for medical Application, large irradiated area;

● Stable performance, significant treatment effect;

● Microcomputer control digital display;

● Trolley design, elegant in the appearance and convenient for movement;

● Green treatment without injury, infection, side effect or complication;

● Wide application range;

● Sound hint upon completion of treatment.

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