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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

I. Overview Magnetotherapy is a physical therapy where the magnetic field acts on the human body to stimulate the specific sites (including focus, pain spot, acupoint and ganglion) under the effect of a proper amount of magnetic field, which has the effects of sedation & analgesia,...

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I. Overview

Magnetotherapy is a physical therapy where the magnetic field acts on the human body to stimulate the specific sites (including focus, pain spot, acupoint and ganglion) under the effect of a proper amount of magnetic field, which has the effects of sedation & analgesia, anti-inflammation & swelling and antihypertension.


Product introduction

HXY-B2 encephalopathy physiotherapeutic apparatus is a three-in-one luxury machine integrating the brain Magnetotherapy, cerebellar fastigial nucleus stimulation and limb electrical stimulation. The product is provided with the luxury trolley, the ultra-silent caster, the digital display and the color matching, elegant in the appearance.

Magnetotherapy principle

The magnetic field could be used to treat diseases, related to the factors such as unblocking the meridian, regulating the bioelectromagnetic process of the human body, forming the nervous reflex and allowing the human body to generate the microcurrent. As concluded by the studies, the acupoint of the human body has the electromagnetic property, which is the focus of magnetic field. Meridian is the main channel to realize the biological amplification effect, and disequilibrium of biological charges of the human body might cause the occurrence of some diseases. The biological electromagnetic balance of the body is adjusted through the function of magnetic field on the meridian and acupoints so as to achieve the aim of curing diseases.

Specific functions:  

① It may increase the permeation of cell film,  expand blood vessel and blood and accelerate blood circulation and finally eliminate swelling and kill pain; 

② It may eliminate irritation and kill pain through the impact of organs and physiology as well as biochemical reaction; 

③ It may check the agitation function of the nerve center to improve sleep state,  lengthen sleep time,  alleviate muscle convulsion and lower blood pressure so as to play a sedation role; 

④ High-strength magnetic field function may check the growth and transfer of some cancer;  low-strength magnetic field function may delay the aging process.


Ischemic cerebrovascular disease: cerebral thrombosis and infarction, cerebral insufficiency, brain atrophy, cerebral arteriosclerosis, lacunar infarction, cerebral vertebral insufficiency;

Cerebral spinal cord injury diseases: craniocerebral injury, toxic injury, spinal cord injury, pediatric cerebral palsy;

Brain functional disorders: parkinson's disease, depression, senile dementia, mental disorders, neurasthenia, insomnia, dizziness, neurological headache, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and phobia.


1, with pacemakers

2, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease acute bleeding period

3, patients with intracranial infections and tumors

4, high fever patients, severe arteriosclerosis

5, pregnant women

6, caution for patients with epilepsy



Product parameter



Power supply

220V±22V  50Hz±1Hz

Input power



Two channels magnetotherapy, two  channels cerebellar fastigial nucleus electrical stimulation and four channels limb electrical stimulation output

Magnetic field parameter

Induction frequency of conversion frequency

5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, 30Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz; automatic continuous frequency conversion;

Constant frequency

 Magnetic induction

Weak: 3mT-13mT;

Strong: 13mT-25mT

Treatment time

20min and 30min

Cerebellar fastigial nucleus electrical stimulation

Output waveform

Continuous-wave, dilatational wave, light beating wave, massage wave E1, massage wave E2, massage wave E3

Output pulse intensity


Treatment time


Limb electrical stimulation

Working frequency


Modulation frequency


Modulation waveform

Sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, exponential wave, sawtooth wave, sharp wave, equal amplitude wave

Treatment prescription



Less than 100mA

Temperature range of electrode



Product advantage

a) 8 treatment channels, each of which can be regulated and operate independently;

b) Two-way Magnetotherapy output and six-way electrical stimulation output (two-way cerebellar fastigial nucleus stimulation and four-way limb electrical stimulation output);

c) Equipped with two encephalopathy treatment hats, six output lines for physiotherapy, four pairs of cerebellar fastigial nucleus electrode slices and eight pairs of limb electrical stimulation electrode slices;

d) Adjustable in the magnetic induction intensity of magnetic field output therapy generator by two levels (strong and weak), with variable-frequency and fixed-frequency Magnetotherapy modes;

e) Limb electrical stimulation prescription: adjustable by 1~35; diathermanous temperature: adjustable by six levels;

f) Adjustable in six waveforms and six modes of cerebellar fastigial nucleus stimulation, adjustable in the output intensity at the levels of 0~99.

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