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Magnetic Vibration And Heating

Magnetic Vibration And Heating

Product introduction Magnetic vibration & heating therapy device is multi-functional, which combines magnetic, vibration and heat therapies, with significant treatment effects on soft tissue injury, lumbocrural pain, arthritis, gastrointestinal neurosis and neuralgia. Product principle By...

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Magnetic Vibration and Heating device combines three treatment methods of magnetic therapy, vibration, and hyperthermia, and simultaneously outputs to the patient to expand the blood vessel of the patient, thereby accelerating the absorption of the inflammatory exudate and reducing the excitability of the peripheral nerve. It relieves muscle stiffness, relieves muscle and nerve pain, activates the gastrointestinal function, and plays a role in anti-inflammatory, swelling, and analgesia.


1. Magnetic-conductor coil generates an alternating magnetic field due to alternating current

It can change the size and direction of the human bioelectric current. Induction generates weak eddy currents, affects the direction of electron motion, the distribution,concentration and speed of movement, of ions inside and outside the cell,  changes membrane potential, affects nerve excitability and cell membrane permeability, material exchange and biochemical processes inside and outside the cell and plays a role in reducing swelling, reducing inflammation and relieving pain.

2. Vibration - alternating magnetic vibrate due to changes in the polarity direction

Vibration at a specific frequency acts as a partial light massage that relieves muscle tension, fatigue, and soreness.

3. Heat - the coil core generates heat due to eddy currents

Hyperthermia(heat therapy) can improve blood circulation, accelerate the discharge of pain-causing substances and the absorption of exudates, and increase the metabolism of cells.

Product parameter





Magnetic field intensity


Vibration frequency


Vibration modulation


Treatment mode

Six treatment mode; M1-M4 are for chronic disease while M5-M6 are for acute disease

Temperature control


Treatment time

0-99min adjustable

Output channel

Two channel


Digital display


1. Soft tissue injury (soft tissue sprain, soft tissue contusion, muscle strain)

2. Neck and shoulder pain (cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, frozen shoulder)

3. Joint pain (arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis)



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