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Microwave Therapy

Microwave Therapy

Product introduction High-frequency electrotherapy 1. Overview The method of applying the current above the frequency of 100KHZ or the formed electric field, magnetic field or electromagnetic field to treat diseases is called high-frequency electrotherapy. Nowadays, high-frequency electrotherapy...

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Product Details

Model: HYJ-I

Input power: 385VA

Size of radiator: Φ83×95mm

Length of arm: 340mm+380mm

Treatment time: 0-30min

Output mode: continuous and pulse mode

Microcomputer control to ensure stability

Product feature:

a) Single output;

b) Portable design, consistent with the clinical treatment needs;

c) The excellent electromagnetic oscillation circuit, with the operating life of more than 50,000 hours;

d) Microcomputer control, precise and stable in the output;

e) Voltage automatic feedback system, safe and reliable in the operation.

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