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Electrotherapy Device

Product introduction Medium Frequency therapy Device is also one of electrotherapy, which stimulates the human body with the current of 1KHZ~100KHZ to bring the analgesic, muscle exercise, blood circulation improvement, scar softening and adhesion release effects. Principle Medium Frequency...

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1. Single channel  diathermanous MF output                    

2. MF range: 2kHz~6kHz

3. MF modulation  range: 0~150Hz

4. MF modulation  wave: sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, exponential wave,  sawtooth wave.

5. Modulation mode: continuous, discontinuous, intermittent, variable frequency and alternating modulation.

6. Current: less than 100mA

7. 19 preset  treatment programs

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Tel: 0086-372-7703111
Fax: 0086-372-7713696
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