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The Function Of Steam Therapy

1. Drug penetration, because the Chinese herbal medicine after frying, its effective ingredients in the form of ions, ions into the skin, into the body to achieve the purpose of the treatment of disease;

2. Improve microcirculation, the body in the fumigation process, its skin temperature will rise, the skin capillaries will expand, blood circulation, promote the skin and the body's metabolism, can promote the swelling of the joints and promote the regeneration of tissue;

3. Physical heat, can eliminate fatigue, give people a sense of well-being, at the same time can reduce the nerve of the end of the skin of the excitement, relieve the tension of the skin, muscle spasm and rigidity, so as to alleviate and alleviate joint pain;

4. Sweating table, and Wei scattered evil, dredging cou, gas and blood, detoxification, prevention of health care, insecticide, such as itching, and many other functions, can be widely used in all kinds of disease treatment, and has a better curative effect;

5. Drug fumigation can also make the skin smooth xirun, tonifying the kidney and strong bone, nourishing the muscle, longevity.

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Tel: 0086-372-7703111
Fax: 0086-372-7713696
Add: Diku Road, Neihuang County,
Anyang, Henan of China
Email: info@xiangyumed.cn