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Magnetic Therapy Has A Long History

Magnetic therapy is a long history in our country. As early as the Qin and Han dynasties, people began to use natural magnets to cure diseases. In the (Shen Nong's Herbal Classics) There are records: "Magnetic taste bitter cold, the chief of the week Arthralgia rheumatism, limb joint pain, not holding." In recent years, with the development of medical science, many magnetic devices have been created, such as magnetic acupuncture, magneto-electric method, direct current electromagnetic therapy, rotary magnetic treatment, alternating magnetic therapy and so on. Because the use of magnetic therapy is simple, safe and reliable, no damage, no pain, has been widely used in clinical practice, well received by the patients welcome.

The magnetic field can improve blood circulation and tissue nutrition, reduce the excitability of peripheral, promote the decomposition and transformation of the pain-causing substance, thus have analgesic effect; the magnetic field can strengthen the local blood circulation, improve the permeability of the tissue, and facilitate the dissipation of inflammation and the absorption of exudate. At the same time, the magnetic field can improve the body's non-specific immune function, it seems to change the patient's body state, improve the resistance to disease, inhibit and prevent the recurrence of disease; the magnetic field can promote the local blood circulation, accelerate the absorption and dissipation of inflammatory exudate, and has the effect of swelling.

The dosage of magnetic therapy should be based on the patient's age, physical condition, condition, treatment site and other specific circumstances. The intensity of the magnetic field is generally divided into three levels: at 0. 05T (Tesla) The following are small doses; 0. 05-0. 15T is medium dose and 0.15T or above is high dose. The old body weak, generally should be small, dose start, if the effect is not obvious without obvious side effects, can be appropriately increased magnetic field strength. The time and treatment of magnetic therapy also need to be based on the patient's specific circumstances.

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