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Heat Effect And Mechanical Pressure Of Wax Therapy

Wax therapy is to heat the wax applied to the affected area, so that the local tissue heating, blood vessel expansion, circulation speed up, cell permeability increased, because the thermal energy lasts longer, it is conducive to deep tissue edema dissipation, anti-inflammatory, analgesia. This method is simple and can be used by families.

① Warm effect:

As the paraffin has a large heat capacity, low thermal conductivity, long heat retention, and so on, wax wax area of local skin capillary dilation, congestion is obvious, heat penetration can reach 1---5 cm, the secretion of local sweat glands increased, resulting in a large number of sweating. Because Wax has a strong and long-lasting thermal penetration, it is conducive to the absorption of hematoma, accelerated edema subsided, and can enhance the reticular endothelial system phagocytosis, improve metabolism, it also has anti-inflammatory effects.

② Mechanical compression function:

Because paraffin has good plasticity and viscous, can close contact with skin. In the cooling process, the volume is reduced, the skin and subcutaneous tissue can produce a gentle mechanical compression, not only can prevent the lymphatic fluid and blood exudation, but also promote the absorption of exudate.

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Tel: 0086-372-7703111
Fax: 0086-372-7713696
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