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Advantages Of Magnetic Therapy

According to clinical observation and experimental research, from Western medicine, magnetic therapy has the following effects:

1. Magnetic therapy can enhance the vitality of white blood cells, in the role of the magnetic field, white blood cell phagocytosis is more active, red blood cells and lymphocyte subsidence slowed, conducive to anti-inflammatory and reduce erythrocyte sedimentation.

2. Magnetic therapy improves blood circulation, enhances oxygen and iron absorption, and eliminates carbon dioxide and blood contamination (harmful toxins and fatigue substances).

3. Magnetic therapy can generate current in vivo, increase the elasticity of the vessel wall to expand blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity, accelerate blood flow, eliminate embolism.

4. Magnetic therapy is to strengthen the osmotic effect of endocrine fluid, correct endocrine disorders and disorders.

5. Magnetic therapy can stimulate the body's sensors-excited peripheral, regulating neurological function.

6. Magnetic therapy can cause pain substances such as bradykinin, 5-amine, acidic metabolites, such as diffusion and disappearance, reduce and eliminate pain.

From the Chinese medicine, because the magnetic therapy like acupuncture, mainly through the human body through the acupoint to treat disease, indicating the role of magnetic therapy on the meridian is very obvious, although the essence of the meridian has not yet been clarified and the conclusion, there is thought to be a modern nervous system, there is thought to be the vascular systems, and then there is thought to be endocrine system, There is also thought to be the lymphatic system, or the combination between them, but the meridian is objective.

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Tel: 0086-372-7703111
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