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A Brief Introduction To Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy refers to the use of various physical factors used in the human body to prevent and cure diseases, referred to as physiotherapy. Physiotherapy, in addition to the therapeutic effect, is also widely used in the diagnosis of diseases, such as ultrasound, electromyography, infra-red Gechantoux and so on.

Physiotherapy has a long history, especially since the 70 's, has expanded the physical therapy indications, has improved the physiotherapy effect. With the development of modern physics, more effective physiotherapy will be continuously enriched in the physical therapy discipline.

is the application of natural or artificial physical factors and physical methods in traditional medicine for the sick organism, causing a series of biological effects, to eliminate the cause, eliminate or reduce pain, restore the physical balance of destruction, enhance the body defense skills, compensatory function and tissue regeneration function, so that the disease is recovered.

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