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Treatment Principle of steam therapy

Drug fumigation by people used to treat disease has a long history, but also is an important part of the external treatment of Chinese medicine, refers to the use of traditional Chinese medicine after boiling steam fumigation patients with the whole body or part of the use of drugs, water and steam stimulation to achieve disease prevention and treatment of a method.

Internal treatment

Acupoint-injection and drug-neurotrophic therapy, first, the drug directly injected into the ear point (Luermen acupoint, listen to Palace points, the wind point), the drug through the meridians to reach the nerve site, stimulate the auditory nerves, and then paste the Chinese medicine in the auricular points fumigation about half an hour, the drug completely infiltrated the ear nerve, stimulating the hair cells. Combined with certain drug neurotrophic therapy, to achieve comprehensive treatment purposes.


The special auricular-point fumigation technique, which forms the multi-peak wideband electromagnetic field, and the human body needs to match the energy wave, fumigation in the human body can be achieved after the molecular correction, through the ear meridian, so that auricular points through, through the gas patency, qi to enter, activate cell mitochondrial enzymes, release enough energy, the sound into bio-electricity, Activating the ear nerve to restore the hearing function, achieves the treatment goal.

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Tel: 0086-372-7703111
Fax: 0086-372-7713696
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