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The Importance Of Rehabilitation Therapy


Rehabilitation is a medical discipline that eliminates and relieves human dysfunction, compensates for and rebuilds human dysfunction, and seeks to improve the human function of all aspects of the disease, namely, the prevention, diagnosis, assessment, treatment, training and treatment of functional disorders. In short, rehabilitation medicine is a medical discipline that promotes the rehabilitation of people with disabilities and their patients. Other clinical medicine is mostly aimed at diseases, and rehabilitation is more than that, rehabilitation is more focused on the health of the whole person, both psychologically and physiologically, these are the problems that need to be considered and solved in rehabilitation.

Scope Of Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation consists of four major sections:

Medical rehabilitation refers to the purpose of helping patients to recover by medical means; Educational rehabilitation means helping patients to recover through special education and related training measures.

Occupational rehabilitation refers to the resumption of employment and social rehabilitation: the adoption of measures that are relevant to life to help the disabled to reintegrate into society.


The Irreplaceable Nature Of Rehabilitation Medicine

Many people think that rehabilitation is dispensable, but clinical research shows that rehabilitation medicine plays a very important role in the treatment of certain diseases.


In The Treatment Of Cardiovascular Diseases

The patient's sympathetic nerves can be effectively regulated by exercise training, and the sensitivity of the patients to improve their own pressure reflex is achieved. Moreover, the nitric oxide synthase produced during exercise has a protective effect on the body. Especially for patients with chronic heart failure, it can effectively reduce the frequency of heart failure.


In The Treatment Of Diabetes

Most diabetic patients have peripheral arterial disease, prone to pain, and eventually due to the development of diabetic foot to uncontrollable situation, only choose amputation. The long-time rehabilitation exercise can effectively improve the vascular function of patients with lameness, so as to relieve the patient's pain and achieve the effect of controlling the disease development.


In The Treatment Of Stroke Disease

Positive rehabilitation therapy can bring 90% of patients back to life and 30% of patients can return to normal work. From the data point of view, the effect of rehabilitation therapy on stroke patients is obvious. At present, rehabilitation treatment of stroke Sequela is the most effective and the only treatment.


In The Treatment Of Other Sports Injuries

Usually, due to exercise inadvertently caused by fractures and other conditions, through the orthopedic treatment of patients with more use of quiet way. But step into the rehabilitation Department of physical flexibility training, under the guidance of the rehabilitation therapist, can restore bodily functions as soon as possible, greatly speeding up the rehabilitation process.


In The Treatment Of Some Geriatric Diseases

The survey shows that in the hospital, the proportion of elderly people accounted for more than 60%, and the elderly, many of the disease is caused by psychological factors, such as insomnia, high blood pressure and other diseases. At this time, the psychological guidance of the rehabilitation Department can play an important role in solving the problems of the elderly.


In The Treatment Of Mental Illness

In recent years, rehabilitation training and rehabilitation treatment have been widely used in Yu Ru Alzheimer's disease, autism, depression, Parkinson's disease and other psychological diseases, and have achieved obvious results. And with the deepening of research, many new rehabilitation therapies have been put forward and applied.


Methods Of Rehabilitation Therapy

At present, the treatment methods of rehabilitation application show a variety of characteristics, mainly have the following types of treatment: Physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, community rehabilitation and traditional rehabilitation therapy. For different diseases, the rehabilitation therapist needs to choose the appropriate treatment plan according to the patient's own condition. Therefore, many people's understanding of rehabilitation is a great misunderstanding. There are still a lot of people who think that rehabilitation is similar to massage, in fact, the way and method of rehabilitation treatment is various, not beating the arm pinch leg so simple. Therefore, do not neglect rehabilitation treatment in the process of disease recovery important role.


How To Adjust Oneself Mentality Tn The Course Of Rehabilitation Treatment

Rehabilitation is not simply a passive treatment. Only if the patient is actively cooperating with each other, the doctors and patients can get the best treatment effect and avoid the complication, sequela and function missing.


Abandon The Concept Of "Recuperate"

Good function from the proper function exercise, excessive bed static "raise" can only aggravate limb muscle atrophy, cause joint adhesion, pressure sore, deep vein thrombosis, phlebitis, body feeling descend, coordination decline, limb function continues to decline and so on undesirable consequence.Therefore, in addition to the affected side limb must carry out appropriate functional exercises, other parts of the body should be practiced in order to maintain a good overall physical fitness, promote the recovery of local damage. The activities of daily life which can be accomplished independently should not rely on others ' help to avoid further decline of function.


Establishing The Correct Concept Of "Early Rehabilitation"

The absence and decay of function begins immediately after the injury occurs. Therefore, we must grasp the early good timing of treatment, in the beginning of the function has not even decreased when the practice and treatment, to avoid and reduce the occurrence of complications and sequelae, so that "early recovery, early benefit." To avoid delays in the timing of recovery cycle extension.


Overcoming Fear

The various rehabilitation therapies and exercises we are now conducting are clinically long-term and proven to be safe and effective, with no risk of proper practice. And in the course of practice will have the help and guidance of doctors and nurses, excessive fear of tension will only cause unnecessary psychological burden, the impact of functional recovery.


Overcoming Inertia

Most of the functions of the exercise is boring, repeating, and long-term persistence, will produce and achieve good results. The idea of "immediate" and "waiting to be restored" is wrong, and will only lead to adverse consequences or delays in the treatment of the best time.


Irritable Mood 

The healing and remodeling of tissues, the improvement of function, the recovery of inflammation and the regression of pain, etc. all have their development regularity and take some time. The blind pursuit of progress is highly likely to be dangerous. Should step by step, gradually increase or decrease appropriate treatment, improve the amount of exercise, the difficulty of exercise and the volume of various activities, can not be reluctant to try the doctor has not allowed activities, otherwise it is likely to cause unexpected serious adverse consequences.



In the modern medical system, prevention, medical treatment and rehabilitation have been integrated into one. Rehabilitation medicine and clinical medicine are the dominant way, the focus of rehabilitation is functional recovery, and the clinical focus is the disease itself. The focus of the two is different, so in the treatment of specific diseases, it is necessary to cooperate closely.

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