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The function of Sling Exercise Therapy

Product introduction and principle


The intelligent three-dimensional comprehensive training platform XY-SET-IA (Children type) is a comprehensive, integrated, multi-functional and intensive exercise training system. Integrating neural developmental therapy, sensory integration training and guide education in one child rehabilitation training platform. The relaxation of muscle tone, muscle strength, improve the balance of coordination can be completed in the children's active exercise, because it can not only fully mobilize the interest of children actively involved, but also to play in training, in training playful purpose. Maximize the stimulation of its various sensory organs, mobilize and train its deep feeling of comprehensive coordination, enhance their nerve, muscle feedback and muscle strength purposes. It is a therapist's assistant, is also an innovative platform for therapists, it is also often called a "therapist's third hand."

Hanging exercise treatment, originated in Norway, after the invention by REDCORD company in 1991 (Taima crane) and the establishment of a workstation. Neuromuscular activation technology is established by a joint research by physical therapists and based on theoretical research and clinical experience. SET is the acronym for English Sling Exercise Therapy. Among them, S stands for Sling, which means hanging. Through overcoming children's self-reliance, they can take active and passive anti-resistance movement as needed. E on behalf of Exercise, meaning movement, ontology sleep training is an important regulatory mechanism. T on behalf of Therapy, meaning exercise, according to the assessment of children, to give the most appropriate training methods. Hanging therapy takes active training and rehabilitation as key elements, including two systems for diagnosis and treatment. Diagnostic system: muscle endurance test is performed by gradually increasing the load on open-chain and closed-chain motions combined with routine examination of musculoskeletal disorders; therapeutic systems include relaxation of the muscles, increasing range of joint movement, traction, training to stabilize the muscular system, sensory movement coordination training, open chain exercise and closed chain exercise, motor activity training.


Advantages of children suspension therapy
Compared with traditional sports training, suspension sports training has the following four advantages:
1. Compliance. Child suspension rehabilitation has good compliance training process, no pain, children like it very much.

2. Entertainment. It has entertainment, in the process of playing to achieve the purpose of training;
3. Interactive. Children hanging rehabilitation training has a good interaction, not only the therapist to actively carry out some training and participation of children, but also parents are the largest participants;

4. Effectiveness. Through the suspension exercise training, you can practiced deep stable muscle groups that rarely exercise usually, such as multifidus, abdominal transverse muscle; for children with suspended exercise training can improve muscle coordination and contraction. Because the suspension of closed-chain exercise training can activate the "active muscle, synergistic muscle and antagonist" at the same time, thereby enhancing the body's motor coordination; in unstable hanging rope or air cushion for closed-chain exercise training can stimulate sensory movement organs, improve the coordination of sensory and motor skills; suspension exercise training can correct pelvic problems and spinal deformities in children. For example, cerebral palsy, hemiplegia due to increased contralateral flexor caused by increased pelvic tension can be closed-chain exercise training torso spasm muscle contralateral flexor muscle strength, to correct the affected side of the pelvis raised.


Children suspension system are adapted to:
1. Cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation and other low-age rehabilitation groups. Early intervention designed for Children suspensions triggers neural networks to establish proper control of functional areas and restore balance, coordination, control and dominance to progressively address abnormal and abnormal postures caused by abnormal brain control (without limitation used in this group).
2. Children need to improve their ability to movement of daily living. Children suspension for independent operation, or interaction with other children, for adults set, the sensory training device can improve muscle strength, reduce spastic muscle tone, activate the nerve and muscle, shorten the rehabilitation process and improve exercise capacity.

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