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Stay away scapulohumeral periarthritis

Everyone knows that although the weather began to pick up after the beginning of the spring, the temperature is high and low, and there are more rains. At this time, people's shoulders and necks will also be uncomfortable. What are the causes of the periarthritis of the shoulder? What are the causes of the onset of frozen shoulder?

1. Acute trauma of the shoulder joint

There are many forms of acute trauma, such as shoulder contusion, surgical neck fracture of the humerus and dislocation of the shoulder joint. Due to local inflammatory exudation, pain and muscle spasm, adhesion of the shoulder joint capsule and surrounding soft tissue may occur, and the shoulder joint may freeze and shoulder inflammation may occur.

2. Soft tissue strain or degeneration around the shoulder joint

Keeping a shoulder for a long time does not change. If you are looking down for a long period of time or if the amount of shoulder load is too large, it may cause chronic aging or degeneration of soft tissue around the shoulder joint. If these tissues appear to have lesions, it will affect the entire shoulder joint over time, which may cause inflammation or adhesion of soft tissues around the shoulder joint.

3. Reduced shoulder activity or excessive fixation of upper limbs

Decreased shoulder activity can lead to poor blood circulation and long-term cellulose deposition in local areas, which can cause joint atrophic cysts and adhesion of surrounding soft tissues; after shoulder joint tailing or fracture surgery in upper limbs, Because it has to be fixed for a long period of time, if you do not pay attention to the shoulder function exercise during the fixed period of time, it is very easy to have your shoulder inflammation before.

4. The influence of factors outside the shoulder

People with high blood pressure or other metabolic diseases can cause muscle congestion and abnormal muscle tension around the shoulder joints, which can induce the development of frozen shoulder; people with tuberculosis or gastrointestinal lesions will cause associations.Longer times can also cause lesions in the tissues surrounding the shoulder joints.

So for most people, what can be done to reduce the onset of frozen shoulder?

Experts said that people should do more exercise after the beginning of spring, slow walking, practice, tai chi or martial arts, as well as square dance can play a role in preventing shoulder inflammation, exercise is to make shoulders, neck more exercise to avoid "rusting."

In addition, people with periarthritis of the shoulder should pay attention to the warmth of the shoulders. Do not wear clothes that are leaking shoulders because the temperature rises. When wearing a scarf, it is necessary to wrap the shoulders tightly so as to avoid the onset of the disease.

A few small moves to help you relieve the discomfort caused by frozen shoulder

1. Shaking the head

When doing the shaking of the head, you will find that the shoulders are also active. This is because the neck can drive the cervical joints, blood vessels and muscle ligaments when they are active. When they feel aching shoulders after working for a long time, they can move their heads to relieve the discomfort of the shoulders.

2. Pinch the shoulder

Relieve the discomfort caused by frozen shoulder, the most direct action is naturally to massage the shoulders. It is recommended that patients with periarthritis of shoulder should hold their shoulders with both hands after maintaining a posture for a long time in daily life, avoiding the shoulder and neck being too stiff and uncomfortable. The intensity of the massage can be from light to heavy, so as to avoid too much strength and aggravate the pain. .

3. Shaking the arm

The arm can also move the shoulder, because the shoulder will be driven during the process of rubbing the arm. At this time, the blood on the shoulder can run more smoothly, and it can also improve the blood circulation of the upper body. It should be noted that the movement of the arm should not be too large, otherwise it will cause dislocation.

4. Breast expansion

The chest expansion exercise can not only relieve shoulder pain, but also improve the symptoms of hunchback. Especially for long-term desk work and study, it is best to stand up for chest expansion every 60 minutes, 15-20 times each time.

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