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Occupational therapy

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy (OT) is the application of purposeful, selected work activities. Evaluate, treat, train the patients who have lost their self-care and work ability to varying degrees due to physical, mental, developmental dysfunction. This is an effective rehabilitation treatment.

In simple terms, when a patient has a physical, mental, or developmental dysfunction, the OT therapist tailors a set of rehabilitation training methods based on the patient’s condition and adjusts the program as the patient’s condition changes. It plays an important role to patients return to the family and society.

What are the contents of occupational therapy?
1. Daily life activity training

In order to enable the patient to obtain the most basic living ability, such as wearing clothes, using tableware to eat, personal hygiene, bathing, cosmetic surgery, and toileting. Patients can also be trained to adapt to new lifestyles, methods, assistance with the use of assistive devices, use of suitable home equipment, etc.

2. Creative skills training

After completing the training of daily life activities, it gradually enters creative skills training with certain difficulties, including the following skills training programs: wood work industry; textile work; mechanical assembly work; sewing work; manual work: such as clay, pottery, rattan, bamboo Handicraft weaving such as ropes, etc.; office operations such as typing, data classification, filing, etc.

3. Educational activities

There are mainly moral education methods based on language, which tells patients that imparting knowledge; teaching based on practical training, including lectures, experiments, exercises, and operations, is a common method of moral education. Information-based education, the main method of product evaluation.

4. Sports activities

Commonly used recreational treatments include singing, dancing, performances or appreciation, boating, fishing, chess arts, music appreciation, playing musical instruments, and ball games.

5. Job training

Functional work training is mainly used to treat physical dysfunction or disability, especially the upper limb's ability to move. According to the scope, degree and nature of dysfunction, targeted use of appropriate occupational therapy

6. Mental occupational training

The means used are some fun and relaxing pastime activities, also known as recreational therapy. Used to treat mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, disappointment, etc. because of illness or injury.

7. Children's occupational training

Through specialized training, games, recreational activities, and collective activities, etc., children's patients are helped to develop sensory motor skills and to master the ability of daily living activities.

8. Mental illness work therapy

This kind of training is used to treat mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. In order to enable these patients to adapt to family, social life, study, work, etc., after discharge from the hospital, they will train the patients in terms of their psychological and behavioral abilities, professional work, and social skills.

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