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Continuous passive motion device has wide clinical application value

CPM Intelligent Joint Recovery device is commonly used for various causes of limb dysfunction, muscle spasm

Twin, joint stiffness, muscular bond and ligament adhesion, and relaxation after strenuous exercise.

CPM is commonly used in clinical practice for various causes of limb dysfunction, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, muscle bonds and ligament adhesion, as well as relaxation after strenuous exercise. The CPM can promote the venous reflux of the patients with limb after operation, reduce swelling, prevent lower extremity deep venous thrombosis, improve muscle strength and joint activity, reduce the surrounding tissue adhesion, increase the strength of the muscle group around the joint, improve the joint functional status, with muscle function exercises and other rehabilitation treatment, promote the recovery of limb function, It can satisfy the range of joint activity needed in daily life and has wide clinical application value.

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Tel: 0086-372-7703111
Fax: 0086-372-7713696
Add: Diku Road, Neihuang County,
Anyang, Henan of China
Email: info@xiangyumed.cn