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Application of lumbar and cervical and traction table

The cervical and lumbar traction bed utilizes an operating system that combines lumbar traction with cervical traction. This equipment is the first to reduce the cost, the second is to save the use of space, the third Save the manpower, one can manipulate the two devices at the same time to treat patients.

The bed of the lumbar traction bed can be adjusted to a curved surface, the person lying on the top naturally adjusts, changes the neck waist muscle, ligament, fascia, joint sac soft tissue, helps to restore the natural shape.

Using traction theory, the vertebral traction bed adjusts the height of the arc, pulls the tensile force, and makes the whole body synchronized stretching, which can correct the deformed spine, adjust the oblique shoulder, the anterior waist, and have the function of treating and resuming various kinds of cervical and lumbar vertebrae disease.

In patients with relatively long course of disease, traction, adjust the curve of the bed can be adhesion tissue and the contraction of the ligament, the joint capsule ascension, so that the gap between the vertebral canal widened, both sides of the narrow intervertebral foramen also opened to alleviate or eliminate the nerve root oppression and stimulation, long-term use can reduce pain, play a role in recovery.

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Tel: 0086-372-7703111
Fax: 0086-372-7713696
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