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Action mechanism of Magnetic therapy

Magnetism is one of the properties of matter. The human body also has a certain magnetism, has been found in the brain, heart, skin and other organs of the current activity has a magnetic field, even hair follicles also produce a magnetic field. In recent years, as a result of the development of modern magnetism and biology, the frontier Science of Bio-magnetism has been known, and it has been learned that magnetic materials and magnetic fields have a certain effect and influence on biological physiology, and this effect and influence are called biological magnetic effects. The magnetic effect should be determined by the electron movement of the internal microstructure of the object and the magnetism of the material constituting the biological tissue. Scientific experiments have shown that magnetic materials and magnetic fields show different effects on the molecules, cells, nerves, organs and the whole (meaning of living) of organisms. Magnetic therapy is to use the human internal magnetic field effect to adjust and restore a variety of human body imbalance or abnormal functional state to achieve health care purposes.

According to the biological magnetic effect, the mechanism of magnetic therapy can be summarized as follows:

1. The redox reaction, nerve conduction and heart-lung pulsation in the life process are related to the electron transfer in the human body, and the magnetic field can influence the movement of electrons.

2. The permeability of biofilm is highly selective, which has a major effect on brain potential and substance exchange and metabolism in human body. Magnetic fields can affect the ability of some charged ions, such as potassium, sodium and oxygen, to penetrate.

3. Various enzymes and proteins in the human body contain many micro-transition metals, such as iron, cobalt, manganese and copper. Most of these trace elements are part of a variety of enzymes and proteins, as well as activity centers for enzymes and proteins. The magnetic field changes the activity of these enzymes and proteins by the effect of the transition metal (magnetic ions), accelerating the biochemical reaction of the enzyme system.

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