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8 unhealthy habits which seemingly health

The first one may cause cancer, seemingly health but unhealthy 8 habits, you must have done!

Some habits in daily life, seemingly hygienic, but in fact harmful to the body. These habits certainly everyone can condemnation, if you do not believe, look below!

01  Food wrapped in tissue paper
For whitening, many manufacturers tend to use fluorescent whitening agents in paper production.
Fluorescent whitening agent is a "chemical poisons", when in contact with food (especially fat food), the temperature increases, will accelerate its migration to food. Oral ingested fluorescent whitening agents are not easily decomposed in the body, and long-term intake of toxicants can accumulate in the liver, leading to potential carcinogenic factors.


02  Dry the tableware and fruit with a towel
Urban tap water in our country is purified and disinfected, and the utensils and fruits washed with running water are basically clean.
Instead, the towel attached to a large number of bacteria, rubbed with a towel, will cause secondary pollution.


03  Fold the quilt up immediately after getting up
After getting up, turn the quilt over, spread it for 10 minutes and then fold it up. It's best to dry it once a week.
When sleeping, people will discharge a lot of sweat, get up after the quilt stack up, perspiration left in the quilt, will create a good living environment for pathogens.
Over time, not only sweat odor, affect the comfort of sleep, but also harmful to the body.


04. Metamorphosed food still edible after heating
Sometimes, if you do not want to waste, you will treat the deteriorating foods by high temperature and high pressure and then process them again, thinking that this will completely eliminate the bacteria.
It is medically proven that the toxins secreted by bacteria are very resistant to high temperatures and are not easily broken down


05. Remove the rotten part of the fruit and eat it
Some people think that if the fruit is rotten, it will not be a problem if the rotten part is removed again.
In fact, even if the rotten parts are shaved off, the rest may have introduced harmful metabolites of bacteria and even microbes begin to multiply, such as carcinogenic molds.
Although the fruit is only rotten one part, or throw away as well.


06. Disinfect the tableware with wine
Some people use liquor to wipe tableware to disinfect.
In fact, the degree of medical sterilization alcohol is 75% Vol, while the general liquor alcohol content ≤ 56% Vol, simply can not achieve the purpose of disinfection


07.  Cover the food with a gauze cover
It is best to wrap the food with plastic wrap, and then placed in the refrigerator.
Although the yarn cover can prevent the fly from falling onto the food, the eggs that stay on the yarn cover can easily fall from the yarn hole and contaminate the food.


08.  Long-term use of the same drug toothpaste
Some toothpaste drugs have some inhibitory effect on bacteria. However, long-term use of the same drug toothpaste, oral bacteria will gradually adapt to and produce resistance.
Therefore, toothpaste is best to change regularly.


Well, how many of you are there?
Get rid of these habits quickly!

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