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Anyang Xiangyu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd
Address: Diku Road, Neihuang County, Henan of China
Contact: Webb Chow
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Feedback rehabilitation training system of upper limb is used for the rehabilitation training of patients with hemiplegia upper limb and dysfunction.The device can directly and accurately simulate all arm movements and easily achieve semi-active (semi-assistance), active (resistance), follow-up of the upper limb of patients and its combined training mode.
  • Hand Rehabilitation Training System
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    Hand Rehabilitation Training System

    Hand Rehabilitation Training System Introduction Hand Rehabilitation Training System is the necessary device for neurology department, orthopedics department and rehabilitation department. Through 12 different training patterns, it improve hand function effectively, enhance...
  • Back Strength Measurer
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    Back Strength Measurer

    Specifications(cm): 34×35×7.7, 18.5×13×4. Weight: 8kg. Application: test the muscle strength of back and waist. Note: battery Model: XY-67
  • Hand Exercise Tool
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    Hand Exercise Tool

    Specifications(cm): 14×10×14. Application: test the grip strength of fingers. Model: XY-66A
  • Hand Dynamometer
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    Hand Dynamometer

    Specifications(cm): 19×16×5, 18×14×2. Weight: 1.1kg. Application: test the grip strength of fingers. Note: battery Model: XY-66
  • Weight Balance
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    Weight Balance

    Specifications(cm): 25×21×2.3. Application: measurement for weight. Model: XY-65A
  • Stopwatch
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    Specifications(cm): 8×6×2. Weight: 0.1kg. Application: time all kinds of exercise and measurement. Model: XY-65
  • Pedometer
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    Specifications(cm): 5×3.5×2. Weight: 0.1kg. Application: quantify and measure steps during walking movement. Note: battery Model: XY-64
  • Multifunctional Joint Motion Goniometer
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    Multifunctional Joint Motion Goniometer

    Specifications(cm): 18×8×9. Weight: 5kg. Application: inspect and evaluate all joints mobility. Model: XY-63
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With over 15 years experience, Xiangyu Medical must be your most reliable rehabilitation therapy series equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to import high quality rehabilitation therapy series from our factory here.
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Tel: 0086-372-7775555
Fax: 0086-372-7713696
Add: Diku Road, Neihuang County,
Anyang, Henan of China
Email: info@xiangyumed.cn