Air Compression Therapy XY-K-LC-1

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Air Compression Therapy XY-K-LC-1

Model Number: XY-K-LC-1

Certificate: ISO13485

Function: Accelerates the return of limb tissue fluid

Operation Method: Smart LCD screen, 8-inch LCD display

Treatment Time: Adjustable from 1min to 20h

Instrument Classification: Class II

Warranty: 1 Year
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Air Compression Therapy Device repeatedly inflates and deflates the multi-cavity airbags in order to form pressure on the limbs and tissues, so as to promote the blood flow in the body, lymphatic circulation and improve the microcirculation in the body. It is suitable for preventing venous thrombosis. Relief of limb edema, adjuvant treatment of cerebrovascular accident, traumatic brain injury, brain surgery, limb dysfunction caused by spinal cord lesions and peripheral non-embolic vasculitis.


Product Performance

Operation method: smart LCD screen, 8-inch LCD display.

One-button shuttle function: The treatment time and the treatment pressure of each chamber can be quickly adjusted through a rotary encoder, and at the same time, the treatment can be started or stopped with one key.

Core accessories: imported air pump, high-precision pressure sensor for pressure control, to achieve precise pressure stabilization in the cavity.

Single chamber pressure regulation: The pressure setting can be adjusted individually for each chamber.

Treatment time: adjustable from 1min to 20h, continuous operation can be set, and the default time is 30min after power on.

Treatment mode: ≥30 treatment modes, including at least 10 fixed treatment modes and 20 custom favorite modes, and the treatment prescription name can be customized.

Patient information storage: The air wave workstation and VTE prevention and control information system can have the function of patient prevention and treatment information storage.

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