Unweighing Balance Training and Evaluation System XY-JZPH-I

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Unweighing Balance Training and Evaluation System XY-JZPH-I

Model Number: XY-JZPH-I

Product Brand: Xiangyu

Voltage: 220V/50 Hz

Service: ODM & OEM service

Type: Health care product

Application: Rehabilitation center

After-sale Service: Onsite training
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Gait training balance assessment system adopts the latest computer serial port communication and sensors to collect the data generated during the training process of patients on the equipment, and formulate training assessment strategies according to the patient's balance obstacle level. The system integrates a dynamic balance training platform and a balance board to form a motion posture control scheme and realize the non-inductive switching between active mode and passive mode. Equipped with a dynamic weight loss device, it assists the patient to balance the training platform up and down under constant force weight loss. During the balance training process, the constant force dynamic weight loss can also be maintained, providing front position safety protection and comfort training. Combined with virtual games, patients can feel more intuitive and more interesting in standing balance rehabilitation assessment and training.



Training mode: high-precision sensors, with static balance evaluation mode, dynamic balance evaluation mode.

Intelligent dual-screen: equipped with dual-screen display functions of the patient's human-computer interaction display screen and the doctor's operation screen, and has the self-locking operation screen to prevent misoperation.

Constant force weight loss: It is equipped with a dynamic weight loss device with intelligent follow-up function, which can maintain continuous constant force dynamic weight loss and provide all-round protection during the patient's autonomous up and down dynamic balance training platform and auxiliary balance training.

Human-computer interaction: real-time voice and somatosensory feedback, human-computer interactive games and trajectory training, richer and more interesting.

Situational interaction: Integrating active training modes such as sports car racing and ball fighting and two passive training modes, allowing patients to enjoy entertainment, getting rehabilitation training during learning, and the number of games can be continuously updated.

Center of gravity trajectory: The balance system has the function of displaying the trajectory of the center of gravity in real time.

Intelligent offset: equipped with an intelligent offset system, it is convenient for the patient's on-board training and transfer.

Evaluation report: According to the patient training data, an overall evaluation report is generated and a printing function is provided.

Emergency stop device: Equipped with an emergency stop button other than the power switch, the training program can be terminated at any time, and the emergency stop button is set at a position that can be touched by the patient during training.

Safety design: Equipped with a wearable safety protection waist, real-time monitoring of the patient's posture, providing assistance to prevent falls, and comprehensively protecting the safety of the patient.


Main Structure

Training Balance Assessment System consists of a support platform, a balance board, a holding device, a weight loss hanger, a suspension belt, a computer, a display unit, and a handle switch.

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