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Deep Muscle Stimulator XY-DMS-102B

Brand Name: Xiangyu

Model Number: XY-DMS-102B( Magnetic resonance heat)

Certificate: ISO13485

Feature: Eletric

Material: ABS

Function: Body massage

Application: Rehabilitation centre
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The deep muscle stimulator is driven by a motor to generate mechanical power, which is driven by an eccentric wheel to drive the connecting rod to reciprocate. The connecting rod drives the massage head to vibrate and strike. It uses the transmission of mechanical force from the human body to act on the deep muscle tissue of the human body and stimulate the patient's body Sensory function. The treatment intensity is mainly determined by the rotation speed of the motor. As the rotation speed of the motor increases, the treatment intensity increases, and vice versa, the intensity decreases. It can simulate traditional massage techniques by changing the types of massage heads: Zen push, bird pecking, palm rub, tooth comb, finger kneading, acupressure, finger pressing, fist vibration, kneading, pushing, hanging, tapping, patting, tapping, tapping Wait. With the single-chip microcomputer as the core control device, the vibration frequency of the massage head is adjusted by controlling the motor speed.

The medical version of the deep muscle stimulator XY-DMS-102B has a special magnetic massage head. The combination of the vibration intensity, the forward and reverse directions of the massage meridians, the length of the stimulation time and the selection of the treatment site, has a replenishing and reducing effect on the tissues and dredging The body meridians qi, mediates the balance of yin and yang. ●Sequential push head: tonic action, push massage, produce gentle, slight continuous stimulation of muscles, such as chiropractic from bottom to top to cultivate vitality, open meridians, and viscera, with the function of strengthening the body; counterclockwise massage The abdomen, tonic method can enhance the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract, and play a role in strengthening the spleen and stomach. ●Reverse pushing head: the effect of reducing method, reverse pushing massage, produce rapid, heavier and short-term stimulation, such as pushing the spine points from top to bottom, which has the effect of clearing heat; massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction, and the method is obvious. The laxative effect and so on.

Adopt high-energy lithium battery; intelligent chip, AI intelligent control, intelligent control of treatment time, automatic power off when time comes; multi-speed variable speed adjustment, with 25 massage heads to meet different massage needs; humanized design of the treatment handle, saving time and effort.

Scope of Application
It is mainly suitable for muscle stimulation and massage to relieve and eliminate the symptoms of patients. It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of cervical spondylosis (nerve root type), periarthritis of the shoulder, pain caused by chronic soft tissue injury and limited joint movement.

1. Severe heart, brain and lung diseases or extreme weakness.
2. Patients with bleeding tendency and blood diseases.
3. Patients with severe local skin damage and skin diseases.
4. Patients with infectious diseases, osteoarthritis tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, bone tumors, severe osteoporosis, spinal injury or with spinal cord symptoms.
5, Pregnant women more than three months, excessive hunger and drunk state, serious hypertension patients, etc.
6. Patients with mild hypertension should not use for too long each time.
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