Laser Magnetic Stimulation Therapy Device (Urology) SD-PDC-2

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Laser Magnetic Stimulation Therapy Device (Urology) SD-PDC-2

Brand Name: XIANGYU

Model Number: SD-PDC-2

Certificate: ISO13485

Voltage: 220V/50 Hz

Material: ABS

Type: Electrical Pulse

Application: Rehabilitation centre
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The laser magnetic stimulation therapy device is an innovative physiotherapy technology combining the dual functions of 3.6T stable pulsed strong magnetism and 650nm laser. It has become an effective treatment method for clinical non-invasive and non-invasive treatment of many stubborn diseases.  

1. Deep penetration, stronger than ordinary magnetic therapy, deeper penetration than other physical therapy;
2. Laser combined with magnetic stimulation combination therapy, the effect is enhanced and the benefit is good.
3. The treatment feels rich and the treatment effect is more obvious.
4. Non-invasive and non-invasive, high patient compliance, convenient and quick treatment.

Scope of Application
Osteoarthritis, nonunion and delayed union, osteoporosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar degenerative pain, cervical spondylosis, perineal pain, sciatica, myofascial pain syndrome, acute low back pain, wrist tube syndrome, lateral epicondylitis, gout, etc.


Power AC220V±22V   50Hz±1Hz
16 Inch Touch Screen
6T Intensity Magnetic
Frequency 1-100Hz
Pulse Width 340μs
Treatment Mode Auto Mode & Manual Mode
Manual Mode 1-100Hz, running 0.1-60s, interval 0-60s
Auto Mode Automatic Frequency Variation
Timing 1-60min
Length of Output Cable 1650mm
Size 800*670*1320mm

Liquid Cooling & Air Cooling System

1. When there are metal internal fixation objects, try not to treat the metal objects directly;
2. It is forbidden to use children's joints;
3. It is contraindicated for women in the lumbosacral region and abdomen during pregnancy and menstruation;
4. Patients with pacemakers;
5. FMS to improve expiratory function, patients with high blood pressure and active lung disease need to be excluded;
6. People with spinal nerve (root) irritation symptoms, history of radiculopathy or urinary incontinence (due to direct contraction of abdominal muscles or bladder stimulation) may make the original symptoms worse;
7. Those who take anticholinergic drugs and antispasmodics, who have no or no response to expiratory muscle FMS, are not applicable.
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