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Traction Unit RH-QYC-A-50

Model Number: RH-QYC-A-50

Voltage: ac 220V, rated frequency 50Hz

Ambient Temperature: +5 ℃~+40℃.

Service: ODM & OEM service

Type: Health care product

Application: Rehab center/ hospital/ home

After-sale Service: Onsite training
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This product is based on digital microcomputer control structure and adjustable speed motor combined with multiple sensing and safety. The traction therapy system designed and manufactured by the control device has three traction modes to choose from, they are continuous ( static ) traction,  intermittent ( dynamic ),and cyclic traction. It has a switch with the highest pulling force of 889N / 222N to protect the operation safety during treatment.

Treatment Mode

a) Static traction mode: it refers to a certain value of traction force ( 0-889N, step 1N, continuously adjustable) for 1min-99min, range 1min, continuously adjustable.

b) Intermittent traction mode: it makes the traction force alternate back and forth between the highest ( 0-889N, step 1N, continuously adjustable) and the lowest ( 0-869N, range 1N, continuously adjustable) level, during the timed treatment process, in the middle progressive and gradual retreat stage, it pulls according to the calculated traction, maintains the set holding time ( 0-99s, range 1s, continuously adjustable), then gradually decreases too, and then maintains the set rest time ( 0-99s, range 1s, continuously adjustable), then repeat this step for the selected number of steps (1-9 steps, range 1 step).

c) Cycle traction mode: it refers to the progressive and regressive phases of the traction program that are repeated throughout the traction treatment.


Traction Range
a) Cervical traction force: continuously adjustable within 222N, range 1N;
b) Lumbar traction force: continuously adjustable within 889N, range 1N;
c)  Tolerance: when the traction force is not more than 200N, the tolerance is ±10% or ±10N, whichever is the larger value. When the traction force is greater than 200N, the tolerance is ±20% or ±50N, whichever is the smaller value.


Traction Time
a) Maximum traction force: 0 to 99s, range 1s and tolerance ± 30s.
b) Minimum release force: 0 to 99s, range 1s and tolerance ± 30s.

The traction speed is adjustable in three levels:
a) 5.4cm/min, tolerance ±10%;
b) 9cm/min, tolerance ±10%;
c) 18cm/min, tolerance ±10%;
Treatment Time: 1~99min, range 1min, tolerance ±20s, and there is a buzzer sound after the treatment.


Scope of  Application

It is suitable for indication traction of cervical spine and lumbar spine. 



Cervical Traction Force 0-222N, range 1N
Lumber Traction Force 0-889N, range 1N
Maximum Traction Force 0 to 99s
 Minimum Traction Force 0 to 99s
Traction Speed in Three Levels 5.4cm/min; 9cm/min; 18cm/min
Treatment Time 1~99min



1. Severe lumbar disc herniation.

2. Lumbar spine tuberculosis and tumors.

3. Sacroiliac joint tuberculosis, cauda equina tumor, acute suppurative spondylitis, spondylolysis.

4. Severe osteoporosis, pregnant women, lumbar spine deformity.

5. Patients with severe hypertension, heart disease and bleeding tendency.

6. Use with caution in patients with ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament and ossification of herniated intervertebral discs and in patients after nucleus pulpectomy.

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