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Multifunctional Traction Table JYZ-VA

Model Number: JYZ-VA(super four dimensional)

Certificate: ISO13485

Function: Lumber and cervical traction

Feature: Adjustable

Dimensions(mm): 2440mm*700mm*1110mm

Voltage: 110V/220V

Instrument Classification: Class II
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JYZ-VA Cervical and Lumbar Therapeutic Multi-functional Traction Table (abbreviation: Traction bed), there are fast, slow, swinging, lumbar traction system design (hereinafter referred to as traction system), not only considering the appearance, the most important consideration of its treatment effect, JYZ-VA fast, slow, swinging lumbar traction system is based on the original YHZ series traction bed, plus fast traction, up and down into Angle, swing function. The traction power is strictly controlled by advanced stepping motor, frequency conversion driver, tension and pressure sensor, worm gear speed regulator and other mechanical transmission mechanisms. Equipped with medical records management, better play the role of the computer. The traction system has the functions of Angle formation, swing, fast and slow speed combination. The whole process is monitored by computer for traction, Angle formation and swing Angle.

1. Set rolling massage, vibration massage and far infrared thermal therapy in one, and the unique 32 massage wheel floating design;Positioning massage function.
2. Temperature protection. Intelligent digital treatment time and temperature.
3. S imple mode adjustment method. Lumbar traction.

Scope of Application
Suitable for massage physiotherapy.


Rated Voltage A. C. 220V
Working Frequency 50Hz
Dimensions 900mm*500mm
Ambient Temperature Range +5℃ ~ +40℃
Training Time 1~90min
Rate Input Power 600VA
1. Severe heart, brain and lung diseases or extreme weakness.
2. Patients with bleeding tendency and blood diseases.
3. Patients with severe local skin damage and skin diseases.
4. Patients with infectious diseases, osteoarthritis tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, bone tumors, severe osteoporosis, spinal injury or with spinal cord symptoms.
5. Pregnant women more than three months, excessive hunger and drunk state, serious hypertension patients, etc.
6. Patients with mild hypertension should not use for too long each time.
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