Ozone Hydrotherapy Bathtub XY-SL-CIX

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Ozone Hydrotherapy Bathtub XY-SL-CIX

Model Number: XY-SL-CIX

Certificate: Medical CE

Function: Water massage

Feature: Bubble, colorful light

Dimensions(mm): 1960mm*750mm*685mm

Instrument Classification: Class II

Warranty: 1 Year
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Bubble bath therapy is a kind of spa fitness method, which USES the body's best treated with air and water as a factor, through foaming hole into the water a certain pressure, temperature and amount of gas, make its natural form large clusters of bubble and splash, for each part of the human body skin, adsorption and massage the impact of different levels, As in the fountain and the spray, the bath is full of comfort and fun to achieve fitness, relax muscles and relieve fatigue. Human body in the water containing live oxygen bathing can promote human growth and development, prevent a variety of diseases.

1. Automatic mode: excited mode, relaxed mode, massage mode, exercise mode, morning mode, night mode, weight loss mode, automatic cleaning.
2. Humanized appearance design, automatic program design.
3. Three inflatable modes: hot air, ozone, hot air and ozone mix.

Scope of Application
Hemiplegia patients after cerebrovascular accident, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscle atrophy and muscle weakness, peripheral neuritis and neuralgia, etc.

1. Severe circulatory diseases;
2. Hypertension (diastolic blood pressure greater than 16kPa or systolic blood pressure greater than 27kPa);
3. Activities often appear angina pectoris;
4. Cardiac dysfunction in Ⅱ grade or above;
5. Pulse exceeds 120 times/min in quiet state;
6. Myocardial infarction occurs within one month;
7. All kinds of infectious skin diseases;
8. Acute and chronic hepatitis;
9. Sexually transmitted diseases;
10. Large area of skin damage and infection;
11. Menstrual period of women;
12.People with slow nerve response.
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