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Interferential Current Therapy XY-K-GR-CII



  • Product description
  • The effect of stereoscopic dynamic interference electric therapy apparatus (hereinafter referred to as therapeutic apparatus) on human body is the same as that of traditional interference electric therapy, but because the current intensity is constantly changing in rhythm and dynamic, the body tissue is not easy to adapt, and can make the deep tissue get more uniform effect intensity, which is helpful to obtain better curative effect.

    1. There were 4 fixed prescriptions and 1 self-made prescription.
    2. Vertical equipped with casters, with drawers for easy storage of adsorption electrode lines and electrodes.
    3. Equipped with a negative pressure pump with adsorption electrode, treatment at the same time has a similar cupping function.
    Scope of Application
    It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of pain caused by lumbar disc herniation.
    1. Pregnant women, lactating women, people with pacemakers and people with sensory loss in the treatment site.
    2. People with physical trauma, acute suppurative inflammation, tuberculosis, large metal foreign bodies in the treatment site,skin diseases and skin allergies.
    3. Complicated with serious primary diseases such as cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, liver, kidney and hematopoietic system;Psychopaths.
    4. Patients with malignant tumors and tetanus.
    5. The body temperature is over 38 degrees Celsius.
    6. Bleeding tendency, local acute suppurative inflammation, local malignant tumor, local pacemaker, local metal implant, local heart area, pregnant woman's lower abdomen.

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