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Spine Stimulator XY-K-ZPJZ-II

Model Number: XY-K-ZPJZ-II

Certificate: ISO13485

Pulse: 250μs

Size: 500mm*435mm*1110mm

Service: ODM & OEM service

Type: Health care product

Application: Rehab center/ hospital/ home
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Intermediate frequency spine physical therapy system, combined with electrical stimulation and intermediate frequency heat treatment, provides a dynamic, undulating, eliminating the time consuming in the multichannel stimulator electrode positioning,dynamic waveform can make patients experience to tap, massage, kneading and comfortable feeling, make stimulate more in-depth,opened up a new treatment approach. The intermediate frequency spinal physical therapy system integrates the characteristics of intermediate frequency and low frequency. The modulation of intermediate frequency electricity containsintermediate frequency electrical components, so it has the characteristics of intermediate frequency. The human body has a low impedance to it, and the effect is deeper, so a strong current can be used. No electrolysis, no irritation to the skin, can give full play to the mediumfrequency current unique physiological and therapeutic effects. Modulated intermediate frequency electricity contains low frequency components, so it has the characteristics of low frequency electricity at the same time, and can play a physiological and therapeutic role of low frequency electricity.

1. Human back shape design electrode pad, can fully contact with the human back, better treatment effect.
2. Built-in prescriptions: 77, including 19 neck and shoulder models, 19 chest and back models, 21 waist models and 18 combination models.
3. 8 "LCD touch screen display and control。

Scope of Application
Improve local blood circulation, promote the dissipation of inflammation, suitable for periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, degenerative osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, transition injury, contusion, myofibromyitis, muscle strain, stenosis tenosynovitis caused by the auxiliary treatment of pain.

Hemorrhagic tendency, local area of acute suppurative inflammation, local area of malignant tumor, local area of pacemaker, local area of metal implant, cardiac area, lower abdomen of pregnant woman.

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