EMG Biofeedback Stimulation XY-K-SWFK-IV

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EMG Biofeedback Stimulation XY-K-SWFK-IV

Model Number: XY-K-SWFK-Ⅳ

Certificate: ISO13485

Voltage: AC100V~240V/50~60Hz

Service: ODM & OEM service

Type: Health care product

Application: Rehab center/ hospital/ home

Instrument Classification: Class II
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Electromyographic biofeedback stimulator (hereinafter referred to as the stimulator) by patients with body surface electrodes,weak signal gathering patients, patients with through filtering processing to extract independent electromyography and muscle strength of the signal, according to the same size and electromyography feedback synchronization output intensity of electrical stimulation, specific body parts by the electrode patients muscle contractions, So as to achieve patients with paralysis limb autonomous movement function training.

1. Bluetooth communication: After iPad sends command signal, the Stimulator should be able to pair and connect with it. After successful connection, the Stimulator will display Bluetooth icon; The Bluetooth communication range between the stimulator and iPad is greater than 5 cm and less than 10 meters in open areas.
2. Game Mode:
Enter Multimedia Feedback Mode (GAME).
In game mode, there are 6 games to choose from, for strength training, endurance training and coordination training.
The user controls the game by contracting muscles to generate EMG signals. Playing interactive games with APP while doing repetitive and boring muscle training makes the rehabilitation training full of fun.

Scope of Application
It is used as an auxiliary training for patients with upper limb dysfunction caused by stroke.

1. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
2. The pathological progression and deterioration of multiple sclerosis.
3. There are large metal foreign bodies in the treatment site.
4. Malignant tumor.
5. Tuberculosis.
6. Thrombophlebitis.
7. Tetanus.
8. Sensitive to electrical stimulation (pregnant women. Patients with pacemakers).
9. Mental patients.
10. Attending infection during fever.
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