Waist and Back Training XY-YBGN-I

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Waist and Back Training XY-YBGN-I

Model Number: XY-YBGN-I

Certificate: ISO13485

Function: Waist and back training

Dimension: 1470mm*850mm*1410mm

Voltage: 220V/50 Hz

Material: ABS

Instrument Classification: Class II
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Product Description

The equipment achieves the effect of exercising the muscles of the whole body by organically combining the functional training of waist and back. The scientific resistance adjustment and data quantification feedback system is widely used in various ethnic groups. It can activate the low back muscle group in a targeted manner, strengthen the muscle strength around the waist and hip joints, and promote body functions (coordination, balance, functional Muscle strength, flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance and agility) and symptomatic relief, improving quality of life.



1. Through touch operation, 20 virtual gears can be adjusted, which is suitable for training people at different stages. Two-way coordination resistance makes the training effect more pronounced. 2. With four functional training modes and one custom mode, the training effect can be displayed after training. 3. Get rid of the traditional hydraulic resistance training method, realize the automatic adjustment function of resistance according to the training-like technical index state, increase the flexible stretching training function, and realize the collection of training data. Multiple training modes make training free from the dullness of traditional training.

Scope of Application

The trainer is an integrated training equipment, a set of sports training equipment that takes into account the quality of action and training volume. It is widely used in various ethnic groups to promote physical functions (coordination, balance, functional muscle strength, flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance and Agility) and symptom relief effect, improve quality of life.


1. Pregnant women and lactating women.
2. Patients with abnormal blood pressure.
3. Patients with malignant tumors.
4. Patients with severe heart disease.
5, body trauma, bleeding, skin diseases, skin allergies.
6. Patients with serious primary diseases, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver and kidney diseases and hematopoietic systems, and patients with mental illness.
7. Patients diagnosed by the hospital who are not suitable for the treatment of this product


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