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Pneumatic Gait Training XY-K-M4

Weight-reducing gait rehabilitation platform With medical slow treadmill and vertical power cycle Product introduction

● According to
the requirement to reduce the bearing capacity from lower limb or waist in the training of patients, walking safety will be ensured through sling control....
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Weight-reducing gait rehabilitation platform

Reverse burden exercise system (air controls)


Product introduction

● The XY-K-M3 Type Anti Weight Training System uses an electric lifting structure to help the patient stand up from his wheelchair with moving a predetermined portion of the weight load from the patient's leg so as to ensure that patients can stand and walk correctly. It’s mainly suitable for stroke patients and patients of spinal trauma, and infantile cerebral pasly, crura atony, pain and tic caused by bone joint and nerve system diseases to help them with pace function exercise in time.


Clinical application

● Providing partial weight training for normal walking combined with slow recovery treadmill;

● Helping control walking posture combined with gait training device;

● Improving balance and coordination combined with balanced system;

● Enhancing cardio-pulmonary function and endurance;

● Providing a safe environment for patients and therapists;

● Suitable for stroke patients, spinal cord injury, children with cerebral palsy and other patients to do rehabilitation training.


Product feature

Model XY-K-M4
Power supply AC220V 50Hz
Pressure 0.8 Mpa
Specification (cm) 147×131×270
Control mode Air Controls
Armrest adjustment range (cm) 0 ~ 22cm
Column lifting range 0~50cm


Product feature

● The instrument adopt an open design to assist the patient to stand up directly from the wheelchair which is more convenient for the doctor to help the patient walking training;

● Adopt imported noiseless compressor. The main features are: full automatic, small volume, light weight, low power consumption, ultra-quiet sound, etc.

● Regarding air pump control, adopt Japanese original imported pressure regulating valve to ensure the machine’s stable and reliable in the working process.

● With imported compressor, control switch, aluminum structure, built-in pneumatic balance cylinder, without working noise.

● With built-in overpressure automatic protection function.

● Castor can be locked with super sound-off and flexible mobility;

● Inflatable vest and leg fixing belt without any discomfort for long time use;

● With dual protection belt, the instrument is more secure and reliable.

gait training device with treadmill
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