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Sling Exercise Therapy XY-SET-IIB

Model Number: XY-SET-IIB

Type: Rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment

Certificate: ISO13485

Function: Relaxation adjustment exercises and traction therapy

Service: ODM & OEM service

Application: Rehab center/ hospital/ home
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Suspension training is aimed at improving the state of weak chain muscles and nerves to recover from bone diseases. Active treatment and rehabilitation training are integrated, mainly using ropes to suspend certain parts of the human body, or using balance pads to make the human body unstable Physical training in the state of the state is a way to exercise the core muscles of the human body to produce a training effect. As a new treatment concept, suspension exercise training plays a very important role in the treatment of bone and joint diseases, sports injuries, nerve injuries and other diseases. Its core increases joint mobility, trains stable muscles and enables muscle sensory motor control capabilities to reach Normalize, but also focus on motivation, muscle endurance and cardiovascular function training.

1. Free combination of ropes and slings, various combinations of training forms and biofeedback, according to different specifications of draw ropes can meet different training requirements.
2. Sling: Slings of different sizes can meet the training needs of different parts of the body. These slings are easy to fix, durable and easy to use.
Scope of Application
(1) Patients with stroke.
(2) Spinal cord injury.
(3) Brain trauma.
(4) Cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, cauda equina injury, Guillain-Barré syndrome and other upper neuronal or lower neuronal diseases.
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