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    Dysphagia stimulator is the only clinical rehabilitation with neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), surface electromyography (SEMG), electromyography-induced electrical stimulation (ETS) and biofeedback function (GAME). XY-K-TY is an innovative EMG bioelectrical feedback EMG into neuromuscular stimulation of NMES therapy, which will provide instantaneous assessment and treatment of new technologies.


    Product parameter

    Model XY-K-TY-1
    Display mode OLED screen
    Treatment mode Continuous pulse mode
    Training method ETS, NMES, sEMG
    *Output program Unique bluetooth 4.0
    Alram function Low battery warning
    Output waveform Biphase symmetric equilibrium wave
    Measurement range 1uV-999uV
    Highest resolution 0.2uV
    Transmission bands 120-1000Hz(-3dB)
    Power supply DC 7.4V 650Ah
    Safety BF
    Protection type II
    Closed current output 1mA
    Working current 50-200mA
    Working frequency 20-100Hz
    Pulse width 50-450us adjustable
    Output intensity 0-5mA Increment 1mA
    Output intensity 5-21mA Increment 0.5mA
    Output intensity over than 21mA Increment 0.1mA


    Product feature

    - Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES)

    Passively stimulate swallowing muscles, intermittent ratio adjustable.

    -Surface electromyography (SEMG)

    Record EMG signals during therapy to maximize patient potential and provide objective assessment results.

    -Electromyography-induced electrical stimulation (ETS)

    The combination of active and passive stimulation to stimulate swallowing, increasing muscle strength of swallowing muscula.r

    -Biofeedback function (GAME )

    Full active game training, providing a variety of biological feedback training, combined with a variety of scenarios to improve patient motivation.

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