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    Medium Frequency therapy Device is also one of electrotherapy, which stimulates the human body with the current of 1KHZ~100KHZ to bring the analgesic, muscle exercise, blood circulation improvement, scar softening and adhesion release effects.



    Medium Frequency therapy Device can cause comfortable quivering sense and muscle vibration through the current at certain frequency, and excite the crude fiber of conductive touch-pressure sensation to cover the pain sense caused by conduction of fine fiber and C-fiber, and meanwhile, upon electrical stimulation of human body, the nervous system can also release some substances with analgesic effect, e.g. endorphin. Electrical stimulation at certain frequency can also cause muscle contraction and play a muscle exercise role, and can improve the blood circulation, soften the scar and release the adhesion.


    Product parameter

    1. Two channels outputs, Two channels diathermy outputs, and Two channel iontophoresis DC output. 

    2. MF range: 2kHz~6kHz

    3. MF modulation range: 0~150Hz

    4. MF modulation wave: sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, exponential wave,  sawtooth wave, sharp wave, continuous wave           

    6. Current: less than 100mA

    9. Output current of iontophoresis≤50mA

    10. 35 preset  treatment programs

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