Balance Training and Evaluation System XY-PH-V

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Balance Training and Evaluation System XY-PH-V

Model Number: XY-PH-V

Certificate: ISO 13485, CE

Dimensions(mm): 1100mm*835mm*1090mm

Voltage: 220V/50 Hz

Service: ODM & OEM service

After-sale Service: Onsite training

Instrument Classification: Class I
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It uses pressure sensing, angle sensing and other sensors, sensitive to capture the patient's static and dynamic state of balance, accurately assess the patient's balance ability. Using visual and voice feedback, integrating patients' vestibular information, allowing patients to fully mobilize their enthusiasm under interaction and situational simulation. Gradually increasing brain balance, muscle strength and coordination during precise play, resulting in overall improvement of patients' function and quality of life.

The software system can manage patient data, which is convenient for clinical research and treatment effect observation. The stored data is rich, including detailed parameters of balance evaluation, comparison of evaluation data before and after training and comparison of stored data, etc.



Dynamic and Static Analysis

Recovery of activities of daily life (standing, squatting, forward, backward, single leg, kneeling, standing, etc.) by reorganizing brain functions.


With Treatment Protocols

The treatment protocols in the software system can analyze the patient's activities, which is widely used in various clinical departments, such as: neurology, surgery, general surgery, geriatrics, orthopedics, etc.


Diversification of Evaluation Models

Evaluation postures: Multiple evaluation postures are suitable for patients with different disease.

Biofeedback: Visual and auditory feedback fully mobilize patients to actively participate in rehabilitation therapy.

Game multi-mode: 3D training mode; Picture associative mode; Auditory associative mode.


Game Difficulty Level

According to the ability of the patient, automatically adjust the difficult training level. According to the training parameters of the patients collected during the training, automatic analysis is made, and the treatment of the patients is completed in stages to ensure the integrity and continuity of the treatment of patients and ensure the quality of clinical rehabilitation treatment.


Step by Step

Doctors and therapists accurately arrange treatment protocols according to patients' functional status, cognition, coordination ability and other indicators. The plan is from easy to difficult - a series of systematic treatment. Ensure the integrity and continuity of patients' treatment, and ensure the sustainable recovery of patients' balance function.


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