Steam Therapy HYZ-IIIB

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Steam Therapy HYZ-IIIB

Model Number: HYZ-IIIB (adjustable)

Certificate: ISO13485

Function: Relieve pain

Service: ODM & OEM service

Dimensions(mm): 1450mm*840mm*1900mm

Feature: Easy-operate

Instrument Classification: Class II
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Product Introduction and Principle

Chinese herbal medical fumigation(Steam Therapy Machine) can achieve the treatment applied by the double-acting of physical warm and traditional Chinese medicine absorption. Under the action of fumigation, whole body pores will open and perspire. Thus, on the one hand, it can excrete metabolites and harmful substances in the body; on the other hand, it can make effective medical ingredients enter human body by opening pores, so as to achieve the effect of blood stasis, warm channel and expelling cold, wind expelling and dampness elimination, and anti-inflammation and pain killing. Directly using medicine on the lesion site can avoid the poisonous side effect made by internal medicine on the human body.

Product Parameter

Model number HYZ-IIIB
Power supply voltage AC220V 50Hz
Rated power input 2600W
Cabin temperature 1 ~ 99 ℃ adjustable (60 ~ 99 ℃ for the decoction temperature)
Time 1~99min adjustable
Cabin swing angle range 25 ° ± 2 ° adjustable
Medicine pot maximum volume 3L
Total ozone disinfection power ≤25W

Product Advantages

Steam Therapy Machine is the unique device what is combined with medicine to cure skin disease, relax the muscle, relieve pain, etc. 

* Medicine vapor temperature in the capsule body and treatment time are all controlled by microcomputer, and also with over-temperature protection function.

* Equipped with a separate control console, the entire device electromechanical separation, safe and reliable.

* Treatment capsule shell made of double food fiberglass, the application of LCD screen display temperature, time, water level; With Automatic feed water function, automatic replenishment, stop anti-dry devices; With leakage protection, dual temperature protection, automatic temperature control, and automatic timer function.

* High intelligent software set vapor therapy fumigation program, dynamic detection of temperature, time and water level.

* Mp3 music player (with 2G USB disk).

* With one key disinfection function.



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