Butterfly Bathtab XY-SL-CI

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Butterfly Bathtab XY-SL-CI

Model Number: XY-SL-CI

Certificate: ISO13485

Function: Massage

Dimensions: 2400 * 1850 * 950mm

Voltage: 220V/50 Hz

Rated power: 4800VA

Instrument classification: Class II
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Hydrotherapy refers to a kind of method that uses water with different temperature, pressure, and composition to act on the human body by using water level as the medium so as to achieve the application of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. Treating disease with water has a long history in our country. The medical value of water lies in its important physical properties: large heat capacity, strong thermal conductivity, good conductivity and the good solvent. Thus, the stimulating effect of water temperature, mechanical properties, and chemical composition can be used so as to achieve the application of disease prevention and treatment.

Product Parameter

Model number XY-SL-CI
Power supply AC220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz
Power 4800VA
Overall dimensions 2400 × 1850 × 950mm, tolerance ± 20mm
Pool size 2000 × 1350 × 650mm, tolerance ± 20mm
Maximum volume 1485 liters
Number of spouts 4units in total
Number of bubbles totally 22units
Number of sterilization hole 1unit
Ozone amount 200-300 mg / hr
LED color lights 31units

Product Advantages

*Self-equipped filtration function that filters impurities in water through water cycle;

*Ozone disinfection function that prevents bacterial cross infection, making disinfection more comprehensive, thorough and secure;

*Constant temperature function that keeps the constant water temperature, and allows free setup of water temperature and massage time according to the actual situation;

*Multiple underwater bubble vents, which offers the most comfortable water massage, and water jet and nozzle bubble can be adjusted according to the demand;

*Split-type electric lifting device, for the convenience of access;

*LED visible light, seven color cycle transformation, to create a warm and comfortable care environment;

*Butterfly bath for massage treatment of the whole body or body parts;

*With multiple underwater spraying jet. Muscle tissue is gently relaxed, and will become more solid, meanwhile the water temperature penetrates infiltrate into the depth of muscle tissue, the blood circulation will be accelerated and muscle tension and stiffness will be reduced;

*Natural softness of water and the impact of water flow and wave are combined perfectly to fully display dynamic stimulation of water massage so that patients get treatment in the enjoyment.

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