Dry Water Massage Table XY-SL-CVIII

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Dry Water Massage Table XY-SL-CVIII

Model Number: XY-SL-CVIII

Certificate: ISO13485

Function: Relax/Massage

Service: ODM & OEM service

Size: 2160mm*1010mm*635mm

Voltage: 220V/50HZ

Instrument Classification: Class II
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XY-SL-CVIII type spa massage table is reasonable in design, beautiful in shape, using high quality components and materials at home and abroad, and manufactured with exquisite technology. The product is easy to use, hygienic, comfortable and so on.

XY-SL-CVIII spa massage table is a kind of rehabilitation medical equipment integrating modern physical therapy, fiber skin strengthening and physical improvement. It is based on regulating the body function, so that you can effectively relieve pressure in a short period of time, relax the body and mind, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, improve body function, is the ideal equipment for rehabilitation medical treatment..


XY-SL-CVIII spa massages bed is a great innovation in the spa healing, it not only has the function of the spa massage and to avoid the water wet inconvenience, just lying in bed comfortable, elastic, can enjoy the spa massage, and added a humanized multi-function work station, make the spa massage process more diverse enjoyment.

Scope of Application
1. Increase or decrease muscle tone.
2. Improve blood circulation and metabolism.
3. Eliminate venous and lymphatic congestion.
4. Relieve chronic pain.
5. Relax scar tissue.
6, activation or attenuation of the autonomic nervous system, beneficial internal organs.
7. Increase the effect of continuous treatment measures.
8. Potential reversal of spinal dysfunction.
9. Subacute low back pain.

10. Fibromyalgia (mild).
11. Dystonia (dysfunction of primary organs).
12. Excessive muscle fatigue.
13. Cervical and thoracic vertebrae, sciatica.
14. Cervical migraine.
Periarthritis of shoulder and stiffness.
16. Scoliosis, curvature of the spine.
17. Trapezius muscle insufficiency and stiffness.

1. New wounds and acute inflammation.
2. Suspected phlebitis and thrombosis (embolism).
3. Severe pain with myosclerosis and muscle stiffness.
4. Spinal fracture, generally available in 8 weeks after surgery.
5. Acute disease, especially the need for high strength postural muscles within the nerve roots.
6. Painful vertebrae blockage with reactive muscle stiffness.
7. Spinal disorders with increased inflammation (spondylitis, rheumatic spondylitis).
8. Serious deterioration of chronic diseases.
9. Ankylosing spondylitis (inflammation of the joints).
dry water massage bed
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