Rehabilitation Water Tank XY-SL-CV

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Rehabilitation Water Tank XY-SL-CV

Model Number: XY-SL-CV

Certificate: ISO13485

Dimensions(mm): 1300mm*750mm*1000mm

Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz

Material: ABS

Feature: Comfortable

Warranty: 1 Year
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Hydrotherapy refers to a kind of method that uses water with different temperature, pressure and composition to act on human body by using water level as medium so as to achieve the application of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. Treating disease with water has a long history in our country. The medical value of water lies in its important physical properties: large heat capacity, strong thermal conductivity, good conductivity and good solvent. Thus, the stimulating effect of water temperature, mechanical properties and chemical composition can be used so as to achieve the application of disease prevention and treatment.

Classification of Hydrotherapy 

There are numerous classifications of Hydrotherapy.

(1) It can be divided into cold water bath, low temperature water bath, no warm water bath, warm water bath and hot water bath in accordance with temperature;

(2) It can be divided into rubbing bath, rinsing bath, wrapping with wet cloth, soaking bath and shower in accordance with action method;

(3) It can be divided into fresh water bath, drug bath and air-water bath in accordance with the component of water;

(4) It can be divided into the whole body bath and local bath in accordance with action parts;

(5) It can be divided into pool swimming and various water sports training in accordance with action form;

Action Principle of Hydrotherapy

(1) Action of temperature simulation: improve and enhance the adjusting capability of human body temperature;

(2) Mechanical action: hydrostatic pressure action, water shock action and buoyancy effect;

(3) Chemical action: all kinds of minerals in the water, in addition to this, some drugs can also be added in accordance with clinical needs to act chemical simulation for body.

Operation Technology of Hydrotherapy

(1) Sponge bath: the method of rubbing body by soaking towels in water with certain temperature;

(2) Rinse: rinse local and whole body by using water with certain temperature;

(3) Wrapped with wet cloth: soak a part of the body in the water with different temperature. Due to the direct stimulation of hot and cold water, it causes a series of physiological changes in local or whole body, so as to achieve the application of treatment;

(4) Whole body soaking bath: soak the whole body of patients in the water for treatment;

(5) Shower: A method to spray water jet to human body for treatment under certain pressure;

(6) Butterfly shaped hydrotherapeutor: its cross-section was butterfly-shaped or 8-shaped bath tank, so as to facilitate the medical staff to close to patients for treatment;

(7) Walking bath: a method that conducts walking training in the bath;

(8) Vortex bath: a kind of treatment method using vortex generated by motor to human body;

(9) Bubble bath: an action method by using bubbles to micro-massage and cold and hot temperature produced by human body;

(10) Movement in water: use water temperature, buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure to carry out various functional exercise;

(11) Sauna: method to clean the skin and treat the disease.

Clinical Application Scope

Incomplete injury of spinal cord, cerebrovascular accident hemiplegia, shoulder-hand syndrome, ataxia, Parkinson's syndrome, muscular dystrophy, sequelae of fracture, osteoarthritis, obligatory spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis.

Product Parameter

Model number XY-SL-CV
Power supply AC220V ± 22V 50Hz ± 1Hz
Power 2620VA
Size 1300 × 750 × 1000mm, tolerance ± 20mm
Features Thermostat, massage, bubble bath, rain shower
Volume 340L

Product Advantages

*Low-position entry, open-door bathtub and unique innovation to allow patient's easy access;

*Three kinds of immersions: hydraulic massage, bubble massage, and soaking bath;

*Intelligent constant temperature function;

*Hand-held sprinkler function: rotate the sprinkler to switch between the big flow mode and the massage mode.

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