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Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy XY-K-SHOCKMASTER-500



  • Product description
  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy apparatus (hereinafter referred to as "therapeutic") is produced by the compressor air pulse sound waves into precise ballistic burst that through physics conduction medium (such as air, liquid, etc.) acting on the body,produce biological effect, is the sudden release of energy caused by high pressure wave, with a higher pressure instantly and the characteristics of high speed transmission. Through the therapeutic probe .Positioning and moving can loosen the adhesions and dredge the tissues in a wide range of pain tissues.

    1. New luxury appearance design, fashion and generous; Proll-type design, easy to move
    2. Dual storage lockers: can store the therapeutic conductors and other sundries separately; Imported compressor, silent work,treatment of environmental safety,Quiet and comfortable; HD touch screen, easy to operate
    3. With a diagram of the human anatomy, you can choose the treatment prescription according to the patient's diseased parts; Patient.database management, can store more than 50000 patient information
    Scope of application
    It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of pain.
    1. Pregnant or lactating women;
    2. Allergic constitution;
    3. The use of skin damage or skin disease;
    4. Patients with primary diseases of the heart, liver and kidney or hematopoietic system, patients with mental diseases, patients with built-in cardiac pacemakers and patients with implanted metal medical instruments.

    Side effects
    1. Edema, redness, hematoma.
    2. Bleeding points, pain.
    3. Skin damage after treatment.
    These symptoms of the above side effects will automatically resolve after 5 to 10 days; stop treatment if not eliminated.

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