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Portable 30kg Paraffin Device XYL-II

Model Number: XYL-II

Certificate: ISO13485

Power Supply: AC220±10%, 50Hz±1Hz

Dimensions(mm): 1040mm*425mm*670mm

Service: ODM & OEM service

Type: Health care product

Application: Rehab center/ hospital/ home
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Paraffin therapy uses the heating melted wax coated or affixed to the human body surface or acupuncture points to treat diseases.

Physical Properties of Medical Paraffin

With the melting point of 50 °C -60 °C and the boiling point of 110 °C -120 °C. Large heat capacity, low thermal conductivity, and with good plasticity, viscosity and ductility.

Treatment Characteristics 

Warm, chemical, mechanical effects.

Clinical Therapeutic Effects

Improve local blood circulation, promote edema and inflammation resolution, accelerate the growth of epithelial tissue and the wound repair, soften and loosen the scar tissue and the muscle contracture.

Operation Methods in Clinical Practice

Wax cake method, wax brushing method, and wax dipping method, dominated by wax cake method.

Application of Clinical Application

(1) Soft tissue injury and trauma, tenosynovitis, bursitis, myofascitis of the back region, and frozen shoulder.

(2) Soft tissue adhesions after operation, burns, and frostbite; scar and joint contracture; and fibrous ankylosis.

(3) Cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation, chronic arthritis, and traumatic joint diseases.

(4) Peripheral nerve trauma, neuritis, neuralgia, and neurodermatitis.

(5) Chronic hepatitis, chronic cholecystitis, chronic gastroenteritis, stomach or duodenal ulcer, and chronic pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Product Parameter

Model XYL-II
Power Supply AC220V±10%
Input Power 2600VA
Melting Temperature 0~99℃
Control Accuracy ±1℃
Size 870*460*700mm
Melting Wax 30Kg
Filtration Device Stainless steel filter mesh

Product Advantage

a) Adjustable temperature setting: 0-99 °C.

b) Temperature control precision: ±1℃.

c) Wax melting capacity: 30kg (initial wax ≤ 2 hours), 70kg (initial wax melting ≤ 3 hours).

d) Automatic temperature control device allowing the wax always stay at 58 °C -60 °C.

e) Automatic operation after startup, so that it is unnecessary to turn on or off every day; automatic on & off.

f) One week of working parameters setting for long preservation.

g) With forced heating and stop button for treatment occurred in irregular time, no need to reset the parameters.

h) The operation panel is neat and clean, easy to operate, and can be used for filtering.

i) Rubber casters do not have noise when it moves and is solid and durable.

j) With electric leakage protection device.

k) Have paraffinum circulation filter device.

portable 30kg paraffin device
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