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Lower Limb Rehabilitation Training

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Product feature ● Automatic lifting adjustment of bed surface can provide convenience for the Patient's mobility; ● Pedal control angle can be electrically adjusted and available for correction training for the patient's ankle joint; ● Provided with safety devices such as emergency...
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Product introduction ● Training bed frame, armrest table top, compression band, standing plate, bed panel and angle adjusting device, totaling 6 portions. In the process of standing training, the user shall lie flatly on the bed, where the bed panel together with the fixing strap and armrest...
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Specifications(cm):43×40×33. Weight:16kg. Application: improve activity area of extremities and joints with muscle strength and coordination training towards arms and legs. Notes: original manual power ergometry cycle Model: XYM-5
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Specifications(cm):51×41×41. Weight:3.8kg. Application: improve activity area of four limbs' joints and coordinate functional activities. Adjustable Resistance. Model: XYM-6
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Specifications(cm):74×77×125~113. Power parameters: 220V, 50Hz. Application: it can be used as a standup training chair, wall bar, parallel bar and upper limb support, and also can be used in standing endurance exercising of standing station's function, may satisfy various training needs in...
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Specifications(cm):100×80×95~115. Weight:77kg. Application: for standing exercise for patients with standing dysfunction of paraplegia and cerebral palsy and also used to prevention of osteoporosis, pressure sore and decreased cardiopulmonary function. Model: XYD-1
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