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Portable Iontophoresis DeviceXY-K-LZDR-II



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    Iontophoresis therapeutic apparatus is a new generation of medical equipment researched and developed on the basis of bioelectrical drug induction theory, bionic theory, hot compress medicine, Chinese classical traditional medicine and modern microcomputer technique in combination with the clinical practice for many years and lots of user feedback, characterized by low- and medium-frequency bionic massage and drug induction therapy, applicable to the treatment in the rehabilitation institutions at all levels and families.



    Iontophoresis therapeutic apparatus allows the effective ingredients in the drugs to effectively penetrate into the skin mucosa and rapidly into the human body to act on the focus by the electric field generated by the asymmetric medium-frequency current to generate the directed impetus on the drug ions, so as to play the roles of anti-inflammation, anti-swelling, pain relief, meridian unblocking, adhesion release, regulation and local circulation improvement, which can relief and eliminate the sympathetic nerve and nerve root numbness, stabbing pain and other symptoms caused by hyperostosis, compression or stimulation.


    Product parameter

    Model XY-K-LZDR-II
    Size 420*360*230mm
    Power 100VA
    Output channel Two channels
    Display Digital display
    Treatment mode Massage
    Medium frequency carrier frequency waveform Sine wave
    waveform Square wave
    modulation 50%
    Carrier frequency 2KHz
    Modulation frequency 75Hz
    Timing 1-60min adjustable
    Output intensity 0-99 gears adjustable


    Portable Iontophoresis DeviceXY-K-LZDR-II

    Product feature

    a) Dual-channel heating output, easy to operate, available for treatment of two patients or two sites simultaneously;

    b) Characterized by low- and medium-frequency bionic massage and drug induction therapy, powerful in the functions;

    c) Adjustable in the range of time, temperature and intensity, wide in the intended population;

    d) Multiple electrodes, soft and comfortable in the texture, applicable to every site of human body;

    e) Thermal therapy while “drug induction” and “massage” by the heating electrode of silicone rubber plate.

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