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Electrotherapy Table TypeXYZP-ID



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    Medium Frequency therapy Device is also one of electrotherapy, which stimulates the human body with the current of 1KHZ~100KHZ to bring the analgesic, muscle exercise, blood circulation improvement, scar softening and adhesion release effects.


    Product parameter

    Model XYZP-ID
    Power supply 220V
    Input power 130VA
    Frequency range 1-10kHZ
    MF modulation range 0-200Hz
    MF modulation wave Sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, exponential wave, sawtooth wave, sharp wave
    Modulation mode Continuous, discontinuous, intermittent, variable frequency and alternating modulation
    Medium frequency modulation 50%, 75%, 100%
    Medium frequency output current Less than 100mA, adjustable
    Stability of medium frequency output current ±10%
    Dynamic rhythm 4s-10s
    Various cycle of beat frequency 15s-30s
    Output model Four channels medium frequency diathermy output, four iontophoresis DC output, two channels interferential output
    DC range Less than 50mA
    Treatment time 20min, 25min, 30min, 40min, 45min
    treatment prescription 99


    Product feature

    a) Four channels medium-frequency plus diathermanous output, four channels  ion induction direct-current output, two-way interferential current output;

    b) Electrode plate temperature range: 38℃~55℃, adjustable by 3 levels;

    c) 0-99 medium-frequency treatment prescriptions, prepared by the physiotherapical experts based on different diseases, for reference of doctors;

    d) Optional treatment time: 20min, 25min, 30min 40min and 45min based on the prescription, sound prompt and output stopped when the treatment time is over.

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